Knox ESC Preschool Enrollment

Step 1

Complete “Application

1.      If you are unable to download or print please either:

A.      Call (740) 393-6980 and ask that an application be mailed to your home.

B.      Stop by our preschool office located at 11700 Upper Gilchrist Road, Suite C, Mount Vernon, OH

2. Once an application has been received in our office, your child will be placed on a waiting list for the school year selected and our office will contact you to schedule a screening.

3. At Spring enrollment, children will be placed in classrooms for the Fall and parents will be notified as soon as possible after placement has occurred. During the school year, students will be placed as room is available and the caregiver will be notified.

**Please note: Enrollment is determined based on residency. Students in the district have priority for enrollment. You may apply for a preschool placement out of your district of residence, but enrollment is not guaranteed. 


Step 2

When you are notified by the office of the Preschool Director that there is an opening, please complete the “Enrollment Forms.


Step 3

After enrollment forms have been completed, please email the preschool office to schedule an appointment to meet with the preschool director or the administrative assistant. You will be asked to bring all completed forms to this meeting.


Step 4

Once a copy of the student’s birth certificate, current immunization records, proof of income, and the $20 registration fee have been received by the preschool office, the enrollment process will be complete.

If there is a financial hardship, please contact the preschool director to discuss other payment arrangements.


Preschool Office
11700 Upper Gilchrist Road Suite C
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Phone:  (740) 393-6980 EXT 233
Fax:  (740) 397-9329

Jackie Nutt, Preschool Director

Ronda Beheler, Preschool Special Education Director

Christi Grogg, Secretary