Parent Mentor Program

What is a Parent Mentor?

A Parent Mentor is a partner to schools and community agencies who supports students and parents. They help connect families to local resources and to build networks of support for the child, school, and community.  

 Working to educate the parents in the necessary supports so that the family will feel empowered as a member of the student's educational team.  With education and empowerment, the parent will be engaged in their child's educational present and future outcomes. 

Parent Mentors also assist students and families in navigating the special education processes and services so that children with disabilities can get the most out of their educational experience. Using our experience and an evidence-based approach, we work in collaboration with families, schools, and agencies to create the conditions for success for your child.


For more information regarding the Parent Mentor Program, please contact:

Lisa Mazzari
Parent Mentor Coordinator

Telephone: (740) 393-6769