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900 West Vine St
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
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Joe Mazzari, Learning Center Director

Anthony Orr, Learning Center Special Education Director

Barbara Waite, Administrative Secretary
Knox Learning Center

Delaine Cunningham, Learning Center Secretary

About Our Program

Located at 900 West Vine Street in Mount Vernon, Ohio, the Knox Learning Center (KLC) was built in 1915.  It once served as an elementary school building.  Today, the KLC provides instruction for students in grades K-12, and it includes a program for qualified students with disabilities who defer their graduation and participate in a transitional job-skills program called Transition University. 

The KLC specializes in providing education in a caring atmosphere to students from Knox County who may have disabilities that include the following:  specific learning disabilities, behavioral disabilities, autism, or cognitive disabilities.  Limited class sizes of fewer than ten students in a classroom, students benefit from the support of a licensed intervention specialist and at least one or more classroom aides.  A licensed social worker, registered nurse, occupational therapist, speech therapist, physical therapist, and parent mentor are an integral part of our team, and they are ready to support your students’ learning, social, and emotional needs.  

The KLC also provides instruction to students who need more than a traditional school setting.  These students may require the smaller class sizes and flexibility of learning that the KLC offers.  High school students who are credit deficient or who may also work an after-school job enjoy attending the KLC because of this flexibility and the support they receive.  

If you and your student are interested in attending the KLC, simply discuss this option with your home school administrator.  We look forward to working with your student and family.

Mission Statement

The Learning Center is a safe school and a center for learning.

While at the Learning Center, I will remember to respect my teachers, peers and school.

I will encourage others to be their best self and to take steps each day to become a better person.

I will take steps to improve my school and will Pawsitively speak up when others are being mistreated.

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