Employee Access Center

Pay Checks

Pay checks will be direct deposited into your bank account via the information you provide to us upon employment. Pay dates are the 15th and last business day of the month. If the regular pay date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be paid the business day before. New salaried contracts will begin receiving pay September 15th and will be paid 24 pays, through August 31st of the following year.

Employee Access Center

The Employee Access Center (EAC) is where all employees are able to view their pay stubs and W2s. This is also where salaried employees will submit their leave requests (sick leave and personal leave). Although salaried employees are required to submit their leave requests through the EAC, they should also be turning in a W Sheet at the end of each month.

Website: Employee Access Center - Click Here 

Requesting Time Off: Guide to Request Leave - Click Here 

(You will need to select Knox County ESC from the District drop down menu)

 Username: Your employee number

Please contact our office to obtain this information if you did not receive the letter in the mail with this information on it

 Password: Last four of your social security number