"Gifted Education" programming is specific to students with formal gifted identification in the Knox County local school districts, and is supported by the ESC through the Gifted Coordinator.

"Enrichment Programs" are learning extensions and concepts that are available to all students, not just gifted-identified students, provided by the ESC to Knox County school districts.

Taylor Gingery

Taylor Gingery, M.Ed

Gifted & Enrichment Coordinator


Mobile Office: 740-233-1928 (8AM - 4PM)

ESC Office: 740-393-6767

Due to the traveling nature of my role, the quickest form of contact is email.

Gifted Coordinator

The Knox ESC Gifted Coordinator services Centerburg, Danville, East Knox, and Fredericktown.

If your gifted student is enrolled at Mt. Vernon City School District, please click here.